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A Visionary: Martin Schoeller September 30, 2009

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Martin Schoeller was born in Munich Germany on March 12 of 1968. He resides in New York City. Schoeller has a very distinct style when he photographs a celebrity to an unknown individual he shoots them with the same lighting, tones and similar backgrounds.  He has been given much praise for his portraits, which are original in the manner of the way he chooses to capture his subjects. Schoeller does not choose to take a picture of an individual and Photoshop all their flaws away, he uses them to his advantage to create beauty. His portraits are vivid and gorgeous. One can spend hours dissecting his photographs because of his unique use of light and his creation of tone. These photographers inspired him: August Sander, Bernd Becher, and Hilla Becher. Schoeller attended Lette Verein in Berlin for photography. In 1993 he moved to New York and worked under Annie Leibovitz. In 1996 he went on his own and launched his freelance career. In 1999 he became a regular contributing photographer to The New Yorker. Schoeller work can be seen in Vogue, Rolling Stone and GQ. In 2005 his portraits were published by Teneues, “Close Up: Portraits 1998-2005” His work is permanently on display at The National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.


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A look At Native American Culture Through A Critical Lens Class #3 Homework September 16, 2009

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Critic: The Native Americans/North Americans

Over 10,00 years ago the earliest arrivals to North America crossed the land bridge to Asia at the end of the last Ice Age. They gradually came over in waves and slowly inhabited South and North America. There were other ancient migrations across the Pacific were people settles on the South American Coast in a round 3,000B.C. North and South America  before Europeans came over was very diverse. Ethnic groups were  were hunter-gathers or agriculturalists in which nature and human life were celebrated and physical and spiritual health was upheld. On the other hand hunter-gathers believed it was an individual quest to find spiritual wholeness. Hunter-gathers religion also revolved around the animal being a sacrifice thus they were a very nomadic people because they followed herds.

As for Native American Art and artifacts elements and principals of design that are very much evident in their culture are Balance, Unity,Pattern, Texture, Emphasis, Proportion and Color. The majority of art crafted by Native Americans had a utility and carried a lot of symbolism. Various tribes crafted masks,rugs, houses, pots depicting their gods and other religious symbols.  A lot of Native American symbols are used today one prime example is the arrow. As well as people collect Native American artifacts and put them on display in their homes.

Five Visual Examples:


Class #2 Homework September 10, 2009

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The Hirshhorn museum exhibit layout and physical structure provided the visiter with a unique art museum experience. With its three levels the Hirshhorn offered a variety of exhibits that displayed multiple mediums. The museum  had a number of beautiful pieces and some “interesting” pieces interesting meaning easy  for  the viewer to like or dislike or be left in a state of confusion on the matter.   A piece that can be viewed as not only aesthetically pleasing but complex and at the same time contemporary is Morning Light by Oscar Bluemner (See Gallery). The paintings colors leave you feeling calm  but if you take a closer look you will baffled by the amount of detail that is put into to the piece. A piece that can be considered unfavorable or “interesting” is Julian Schnabel’s Portrait of Andy Warhol ( see gallery). This piece is very dark and does not showcase Warhol’s appearance in an aesthetic manner. The brush strokes in the figure are too harsh and  the overall piece leaves you feeling confused and defiled.

Hello world! September 2, 2009

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This blog will showcase my journey of learning about multiple mediums in the arena of Visual Arts.

My name is Nisa I am freshman in college and I want to make and produce films. I hope you enjoy my journey!