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Class #2 Homework September 10, 2009

Filed under: My Adventure At The Hirshorn — aida27 @ 7:56 am
The Hirshhorn museum exhibit layout and physical structure provided the visiter with a unique art museum experience. With its three levels the Hirshhorn offered a variety of exhibits that displayed multiple mediums. The museum  had a number of beautiful pieces and some “interesting” pieces interesting meaning easy  for  the viewer to like or dislike or be left in a state of confusion on the matter.   A piece that can be viewed as not only aesthetically pleasing but complex and at the same time contemporary is Morning Light by Oscar Bluemner (See Gallery). The paintings colors leave you feeling calm  but if you take a closer look you will baffled by the amount of detail that is put into to the piece. A piece that can be considered unfavorable or “interesting” is Julian Schnabel’s Portrait of Andy Warhol ( see gallery). This piece is very dark and does not showcase Warhol’s appearance in an aesthetic manner. The brush strokes in the figure are too harsh and  the overall piece leaves you feeling confused and defiled.