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A look At Native American Culture Through A Critical Lens Class #3 Homework September 16, 2009

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Critic: The Native Americans/North Americans

Over 10,00 years ago the earliest arrivals to North America crossed the land bridge to Asia at the end of the last Ice Age. They gradually came over in waves and slowly inhabited South and North America. There were other ancient migrations across the Pacific were people settles on the South American Coast in a round 3,000B.C. North and South America  before Europeans came over was very diverse. Ethnic groups were  were hunter-gathers or agriculturalists in which nature and human life were celebrated and physical and spiritual health was upheld. On the other hand hunter-gathers believed it was an individual quest to find spiritual wholeness. Hunter-gathers religion also revolved around the animal being a sacrifice thus they were a very nomadic people because they followed herds.

As for Native American Art and artifacts elements and principals of design that are very much evident in their culture are Balance, Unity,Pattern, Texture, Emphasis, Proportion and Color. The majority of art crafted by Native Americans had a utility and carried a lot of symbolism. Various tribes crafted masks,rugs, houses, pots depicting their gods and other religious symbols.  A lot of Native American symbols are used today one prime example is the arrow. As well as people collect Native American artifacts and put them on display in their homes.

Five Visual Examples: